Episode 16: All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker

Guests: Dr. Wayne Baker


How is it that we can get exactly what we want if people don’t know what we’re looking for? Maybe all we really have to do is ask! Being as distracted ¬†as we are, it can be difficult to truly understand what someone is looking for and mustering the courage to ask a SMART question isn’t easy.

Dr. Wayne Baker is a Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management & Organization at the University of Michigan and Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan and Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research. He currently serves Faculty Director of the center for Positive Organizations. His teaching and research focus on social capital, social networks, generosity, positive organizational scholarship, and values. In today’s episode learn all about how to ask he right questions to get exactly what you’re looking for.