One-Degree Shifts:
Building Tomorrow’s Greatest Places to Work

Helping Build Teams Fit for the Future of Business

Eric Termuende is a leading keynote speaker focused on workplace and company culture. His inspirational and actionable sessions discuss the small, one-degree shifts we can make to attract and retain talent, drive engagement, and build communities that thrive in the future of work.

Speaking topics: The world of work is changing faster than it ever has before. Finding and retaining top talent has never been more difficult and creating the ‘best’ culture is increasingly elusive. How is it that we thrive in the future of work? How is it that we build great teams? And how is it that we can drive happiness, engagement, trust, and belonging? Whether it be a keynote presentation about the future of work, how to build community, or optimizing workplace culture, Eric brings a light and refreshing, yet actionable presentation to groups around the world. This is bigger than Human Resources–this is the future of business.

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“Eric wowed us at our manager summit. His keynote presentation on the one-degree shifts to move from TEAM to COMMUNITY was perfectly tailored to the audience. A master storyteller, he captivated the group with humor and human insight, and made the abstract HR challenges of our business seem practical and simple. Bravo!”

– Howard McCarley – Director Talent Development – North America, Caribbean, Mexico at Club Med

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“Eric wowed us at our manager summit. His keynote presentation on the one-degree shifts to move from TEAM to COMMUNITY was perfectly tailored to the audience. A master storyteller, he captivated the group with humor and human insight, and made the abstract HR challenges of our business seem practical and simple. Bravo!”

– Howard McCarley – Director Talent Development – North America, Caribbean, Mexico at Club Med

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Eric’s Quick Bio

A one-degree shift makes a world of difference.

Renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global keynote speaker, Eric Termuende is helping leaders reset the course of the future of work through small, one-degree shifts with profound impact. Eric brings concrete examples, entertaining stories, and case studies to the room that are relatable, digestible, and downright interesting — all designed to spark action and empowerment. Eric brings a rare level of insight to the stage that he’s earned through his diverse experiences and accomplishments:

  • Top 100 Emerging Innovators Under 35—by American Express.
  • Co-founder of NoW Innovations—a movement bringing diverse leaders together to share best practices and evolve in the NoW.
  • Best-selling Author of Rethink Work—a book that tackles one of the big problems organization’s face today: talent attraction & retention.
  • Perspective Shifting Keynote Speaker—delivered inspiring presentations on over 200 stages worldwide.
  • Representative for Canada—at the G20 Summit in Sydney, Australia.
  • Popular Media Personality—featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, and more.

Winning the Talent War

3 unorthodox rules to elevate recruiting, retention, performance, and, ultimately, organizational success.

Through years of extensive research and practical experience, Eric Termuende has developed a systematic approach to winning the talent war. In this inspiring and actionable keynote, Eric takes the audience on an unforgettable journey, and reveals three counterintuitive and extremely powerful steps to boosting performance, beating back competitive threats, and driving long-term shareholder value.

What attendees gain:
  • Embrace a radically new approach to recruiting, boosting success rates dramatically.
  • Uncover the biggest myths and blocks to fully-engaged talent.
  • Increase retention of top performers, while having low-performers self-select out of the organization.
  • Eradicate and replace ‘empty values’ with authentic experiences.
  • Become armed for battle with practical tools and takeaways to put into immediate action, including: the most unusual job description which will yield the exact talent fit for your team, and how to differentiate your story to new candidates and existing team members,
  • Discover unique connection points between talent and leadership, thereby driving loyalty, trust, and performance.



The One-Degree Shift

Setting leaders up to thrive in the future of work through one degree shifts in perception.

Wherever you look, it is becoming increasingly clear that to succeed in the future of work, we must realize our full potential as a team. In this presentation, Eric Termuende walks attendees through the current and future work environment and shares three one-degree shifts we can make to build better teams, establish deeper trust, and create an environment of belonging.

What attendees gain:
  • Understand key shifts needed to transform teams that work into teams that thrive.
  • Harness real life employee experiences to tell a better story and attract the next generation of talent.
  • Revolutionize the job description to build a team capable of reaching its full potential.
  • Learn what to do to make your team and company stand out from the competition.
  • Understand how to proactively build a culture that is right for your people, not for those who shouldn’t be there, and how to tell the difference!
  • Practical tools and takeaways to empower team members to be best they can be and lead experience creation at a team level.



The Future of Work

Building a future where teams and organizations not only thrive but enjoy work.

In Eric’s engaging and interactive presentation, he talks about the importance of community and belonging at work and delivers actionable takeaways in the form of small shifts leaders can make to build teams that thrive. The conversation about the future of work is bigger than millennials, generations, technology and workplace aesthetic—it’s about people and creating a future where we enjoy our work as an integral part of our lives.

What attendees gain:
  • Deep understanding of the mindset of the modern workforce, and how to tell a story that speaks to the right candidates.
  • Immediately actionable takeaways leaders can implement to build better teams.
  • A clear framework for building and nurturing an environment where people thrive, together.
  • Insight into the skills, competencies, and character traits of today’s workforce and how these individuals are shaping the future of work.
  • Pertinent industry examples and engaging stories that demonstrate the impact a small shift in perception can have.
  • Practical tools leaders can use to create teams that thrive in the future of work.



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Why Book Eric Termuende as Your Next Keynote Speaker?

You’re looking for a keynote speaker, but don’t want the usual keynote speaker. You want energy, excitement, engagement, to be inspired, real stories, and most importantly, you want actionable takeaways. You know that there is a lot hinging on this event and that results matter. After all, events like this only happen once a year. But what if the actions are too bold? And what if the stories are the same stories we’ve all heard before, with the same clichés that make us a little nauseous? How can we be sure this isn’t what we’re getting?

If you hire Eric Termuende as your keynote speaker, here is what you’ll get:

A seasoned speaker having given over 300 keynote presentations

Fresh, first-hand stories about how we can build tomorrow’s greatest places to work

A consultant having built companies in the HR and workplace culture space and worked with companies to help them attract and retain talent

Someone who is easy to work with both on and off the stage

  • Will tailor custom stories and work with your members/delegates
  • Have pre-conference calls to ensure material exceeds needs
  • Text upon arrival to ensure you have one less thing to worry about come event time
  • He’ll even help clear the tables pre-event (it has happened!)
  • Takeaways that are budget free and immediately actionable (the One Degree Shift was built for this reason)

    A risk-free speaker that provides entertaining, humoros keynotes that don’t rock the boat and discuss any sensitive topics

    Maybe even a new friend!

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    “Engaging, smart, to the point, and very relevant.”

    Senior Conference & Marketing Director, Informa Canada

    “A remarkable thinker and one of those speakers you run around telling everyone about for a long time afterwards.”

    David Allison, Branding Expert

    “Well articulated and provided examples and ideas critical to an organization looking to improve.”

    Dion O. Kostiuk, Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

    “A dynamic and very engaging speaker. I do not hesitate to recommend Eric for engagements.”

    President & CEO, Human Resources Management Association

    “An invigorating and spirited presentation that left our audience captivated and wanting more.”

    President COI