Episode 45: Stepping Into Leadership with Kelsey Boyer

Guest:  Kelsey Boyer

Duration: 20:12

We all have limiting beliefs to some varying degree and getting past them can be difficult. How is it that we can truly step into a path of leadership and where do we start?

In this episode, we hear from Kelsey Boyer as she shares practical and actionable steps to become more self-aware and understanding and start our own leadership journey.

Episode 44: The Future From 30,000 Ft with Todd Hirsch

Guest:  Todd Hirsch

Duration: 18:43

Todd Hirsch is a big tinker and one of the country’s moat appreciated economic leaders. In this episode, I wanted to zoom out to hear Todd’s take on some of the biggest conversations we’re having when it comes to the future of, well…everything.

Hear Todd’s take on the future of education, work and the economy as he shares some of the most fundamental pillars we all need to consider to thrive tomorrow and into the future.

Episode 43: When Curiosity Drives Culture

Guests:  Zuleika Sgro

Duration: 18:42

At Sage, a constantly improving culture starts with curiosity and the question, ‘why.’ What worked for a company last month may not work as well today and unless teams are asking what to to ‘start, stop, and continue’, they won’t be able to evolve and shift the world around them.

In this episode, hear from Zuleika Sgro, VP People at Sage as she shares with us where culture lives in the organization and how curiosity fuels more than just a great place to work.

Episode 42: Building a Stronger Community with Shane Feldman

Guests:  Shane Feldman

Duration: 20:53

How do we build deeper connections, stronger relationships and a greater sense of belonging, all while dealing with uncertainty like never before? Spiler:  it isn’t just the sweeping changes we make, but the little shifts and actions we take as we express empathy and compassion.

In this episode hear from the founder of Count Me In and global key note speaker, Shane Feldman as we talk about community and what we can do to be a better teammate and friend.

Episode 41: Organizational Change and Human Centricity with Jordan Ludwig

Guest: Jordan Ludwig

Duration: 18:06

There are two things people hate:  change and the way things are. But knowing we can’t stand still and understanding that too much change can be daunting, how is it that we make an incremental change over over and over again?

In this episode, Eric chats with Jordan Ludwig, Co-Founder of Stack’d Consulting and a go-to leader when it comes to organizational change and human centricity.  Jordan shares some of the changes they’ve made in recruiting and their business and the steps they’ve taken to ensure success.

Episode 40: Humans First with Mike Vacanti

Guests: Mike Vacanti

Duration: 19:45

The new World is full of information, tools and communication streams that simply didn’t exist in the days of old. As a result the way we work and how we interact with each other has rightfully changed. Not only do we have an opportunity to put humans, Mike Vacanti shares with us why we have an obligation to do so.

On this episode, hear from the founder of Humans First about the future of work, connection, communication and truly bringing the best out of people by being our best

Episode 39: From Words to Action with Hilton Barbour

Guest: Hilton Barbour

Duration: 23:34

How do we know if a company is posting their statements because they see an opportunity or actually want to make a change? And if we are those companies, how do we make sure there is authenticity behind our message and that everyone feels heard and seen?

In this episode, I have a chat with my friend Hilton Barbour, VP of Marketing at Kognitiv and we talk about the past 100 days and what we can do to truly build a better tomorrow together.

Episode 38: To Fully Express with Tayo Rockson

Guest: Tayo Rockson

Duration: 17:56

When we can fully be ourselves without fear of being rejected, only then can we realize our full potential. How is it then that we do it? How do we ensure the places and spaces around us are safe and how do we start to spark change?

In this episode hear from author, speaker and change-maker Tayo Rockson as he shares incredible insight and perspective on what we can do to be more inclusive, diverse, and ultimately create workplaces that are rooted in belonging and psychological safety

Episode 37: The Great Reset with Dan Pontefract

Guests: Dan Pontefract

Duration: 25:43

Are we really building a ‘new normal?’ Was there ever really a normal in the first place? What we know to be true, is that normal isn’t what we should be striving for; new and improved is. As a result, perhaps this is time to reset, to unlearn and to build something new and incredible together.

In this episode, hear from the incredible Dan Pontefract as he shares three key steps we need to take to build a better tomorrow, be better leaders and ultimately reset rather than go back. Hi new book, Lead, Care, Win is out in September and if this episode is any indication of what it might read lie we’re in for an outstanding read this fall.