Episode 54: Southwest Magic with Brewa Kennedy

Guest: Brewa Kennedy 

Duration: 15:18

Southwest Airlines has always been one of the top employers in America. And while we might think that Southwest is primarily about getting us from A to B affordably and with a smile on our face, there are teams and divsions we don’t often see. Where does culture live, how consistent is it and what is the secret?

On this episode, hear from Brewa Kennedy as he shares what really happens behind the planes and how Southwest is just so great. You’ll find that it isn’t just about what we do, it’s how we do it that really sets certain teams apart.

Episode 53: Relentlessly Remarkable with Caroline Schein

Guest: Caroline Schein 

Duration: 20:22

In order to be the best we first have to understand who we’re competing with. While many of us think that we have to compete against people or companies around us, the only cure competition is against ourselves. We must be better than we were yesterday.

In this episode hear from Article VP, People, Caroline Schein as she takes us through the Article Way and shares how the company has more than doubled in size in the past year.

Episode 52: Taking a Step Back with Natania Mathany

Guest: Natania Mathany

Duration: 18:42

When you’re ‘in it’ it can be hard to see how much progress has been made and how far we’ve come. Sometimes what it really takes is a step back or a zoom out to see how well we’re truly doing.

In this episode, we hear from VP People and Culture at A Thinking Ape, Natania Mathany as she shares how A Thinking Ape has experimented, tried new things and built a more dynamic culture over the past 11 months. From the ‘Kitchen Table’ series to Friday newsletters, what Natania and her team have accomplished is truly admirable

Episode 51: Asking the Right Questions with Lisa Genovese

Guest: Lisa Genovese

Duration: 17:07

Marketing isn’t just about how we feel; it’s about what the numbers say. And to get the right numbers, we have to ask the right questions and get consistent feedback.

In this episode, hear from the President of BottomLine as she shares which questions we can ask to get the information we need to increase the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Episode 50: #TurbulenceTough with Ryan Campbell

Guest: Ryan Campbell

Duration: 19:48

What lessons have the first teenager to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine airplane learned and how can he help him overcome adversity and practice resilience? You’ll find that it actually didn’t come from the journey around the world but what happened after it.

In this episode we hear from Ryan Campbell as he shares a mindset toolbox and concrete steps we can take to #TurbulenceTough.

Episode 49: Living the One-Degree Shift with Christina Disler

Guest:  Christina Disler

Duration: 16:21

What is it like to live in an unpredictable future? How do we plan for the future while still knowing that everything around us is always changing? And how do we bring that to all of us to the work we do?

In this episode, we are incredibly lucky to have Christina Disler, founder of Werklab with us to talk about her practice of understanding herself, her business and how she can liver her best life.

Episode 48: Building Trust With Diego Papera

Guest:  Diego Papera

Duration: 16:27

How do we show that we care, build a sense of trust across our team and improve our leadership skills?

On this episode, we hear from Diego Papera, People Lead for Signavio as he shares the fundamentals of being a great leader and improving emotional intelligence.

Episode 47: PromoteHer Now with Lisa Martin

Guests: Lisa Martin

Duration:  16:35

Organizations that have more gender balance perform 26-66% better than those that don’t and unless we do more to close the gap, it will take 257 years to close. One of the most powerful relationships in the workplace is between the woman in the workplace and her direct leader. How aligned are you with that leader?

In this episode we hear from Lisa Martinas she shares tips for both leaders and individuals looking to get that promotion they deserve. One of the hints? Just ask!

Episode 46: The Future of the Four Year Degree with Jim Dewald

Guests:  Jim Dewald

Duration: 18:12

What does the future of education look like and what steps do we need to take to get there? Contrary to what you might think, perhaps the four-year degree isn’t going anywhere.

For this episode we’re lucky yo have the Dean of the Haskayne School of Business join me on the podcast to talk about all things education and what we can expect moving forward