Episode 27: What If? A Conversation About Tomorrow with Nikolas Badminton

Guests: Nikolas Badminton


As we’ve seen, the future can come pretty quickly. How is it that we can better analyze trends, research trillion-dollar companies, and better predict what tomorrow will bring? If you’re like me, you don’t. Good thing we have people like Nikolas Badminton that help us out.

In this episode hear from Nikolas as he shares his thoughts and insights on climate, the space-race and the goodness of humanity. Spoiler…he is optimistic about the future and knows that if we take his “what if…?” approach, that we can better prepare for whatever is next.

Episode 26: Finding Strengths While Working From Home

Guests:  Gareth McVicar


This new normal at home doesn’t settle in overnight. And while some of us couldn’t be happier, others are struggling to make the change. How is it then, that we can make the most out of our time at home? Perhaps it isn’t about employee engagement, maybe it’s about human engagement.

In this episode, hear from SPARK Coaching and consulting Ltd. and manager, Student Leadership Development, at the University of Calgary, Gareth McVicar as he shares some tips and tricks to make the most out of our time at home.

Episode 25: Bigger Than Our Title with Kelley Steven-Waiss

Guests: Kelley Steven-Waiss

Duration: 18:44

There is no business as usual anymore. With unpredicted changes in the workplace due to the virus, how can we make the most out of our time working remotely and managing our teams? It starts with building our Inside Gig.

In this episode, hear from Kelley Steven-Waiss, EVP and CHRO at HERE Technologies as she shares key tips and actions to attract the right people, allow them to reach their full potential and help us take our companies and teams even further.

Twitter Handke:  @KStevenWaiss

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelleystevenwaiss/

Episode 24: Leading Under Pressure with Jamie Mason Cohen

Guests: Jamie Mason Cohen

Duration: 21:01

The World around is at a break-neck pace. Performing under pressure and in times of uncertainty isn’t just a nice-t0-have, its is a necessity. What can we do to be better leaders and work through high-pressure situations? Jamie Mason Cohen says it starts with better listening, personal awareness and social awareness.

Hear from former SNL’er Jamie Mason Cohen and keynote speaker as he shares key takeaways and actions we can all implement right away. As Lorne Michales said, ‘the show isn’t ready because it’s finished, it is ready because it is 11:30 on a Saturday night.’

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Episode 23: Soft Skills and the Future of Work

Guests: Laura Sukorokoff


What int he world are soft skills? How do we develop them and how can they help us build a better team and career? Contrary to being called ‘soft,’ soft skills are incredibly important and can be a differentiator to help us get to where we’re going next.

Laura Sukorokoff has been teaching soft skills for longer than it has ‘cool’ to talk about. Laura knows that soft skills aren’t about turning a screw or building a program, it is about bringing the best of ourselves to the forefront, and in turn, bringing out the best of others. From empathy to attention, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Episode 22: Your Unique Value Proposition with Tim Salau

Guest: Tim Salau

Duration: 17:41

Many would say that the future of work is on the horizon. Tim (Mr. Future of Work) Salau would argue that it’s already here. What does it mean for the individual that wants a better employee experience and wants to be more fulfilled? Perhaps he answer starts within us to understand our unique value proposition so we can find that team or company that stands out for us.

In this episode, find out from Tim Salau how to find your unique value proposition so we can all live a better tomorrow, be more fulfilled in the future and happier along the way.

Episode 21: Turning Intentions Into Promises with Michel Hogan

Guest: Michel Hogan


How do we shift from thinking about “brand” as a marketing device to a result? Shouldn’t a brand be more than a logo and a tool? According to Michel Hogan, a brand is a conscious intention about how we do what we do. It doesn’t matter what we think about ourselves or what we say about ourselves, our brand is the promises we keep.

In this episode, hear from someone whose title may be ‘independent brand council’ but shows quickly what that means and how it extends to so much more than a logo and marketing.

Episode 20: Doing Good is Good for Business

Guest:  Manu Varma

Duration: 19:17


How is it that we really attract talent, tell them the right story, and do good at the same time? Shifting from skills-based recruitment to values-based recruiting has been huge in understanding what truly authentic means means for Traction on Demand and doubling down on who they are.

Two years ago, Traction on Demand had 330 employees and today they have just under 900. With offices around the world, keeping the values consistent and creating a great employees experience is key. Traction realized that people might want real estate relief, a different life to live and perhaps, a change in scenery. But all wanted a great place to work. For Traction, ‘doing good’ is that thread that keeps everyone together doing something bigger than ‘just’ their job.

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away. Hear today’s episode with Manu Varma as he shares why doing good is good for business and what doing good has done for Traction on Demand.

Episode 19: Hiring for Culture Fit with Kirsta Anderson

Guest: Kirsta Anderson

Duration: 17:11

Kirsta Anderson leads Korn Ferry’s culture transformation practice and has years of experience understanding what makes someone successful at work. She knows that change will always start with an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality and results in a zero-sum game. How is it then that we can actually change and ensure that the team is thriving?

In this episode, learn from one of the best in the business as she shares insights and information not just about the future of work, but how to excite people about change, building teams for culture fit ultimately start on the path of building one-degree shifts to create a more intentional culture.

Episode 18: Creating a Global HR Movement with Enrique Rubio

Guest: Enrique Rubio


Enrique Rubio has built a community of over 60,000 in just the past two years. Hacking HR is a global group that brings people together as a community on a global and regional level that can come together to grow, learn, and work together. How did he do it and why does it work?
In this episode, hear from Enrique as he shares the creation of Hacking HR, why it works, how it works, and why we need each other more now than ever before to build a thriving environment in the future of work.