Episode Four: Limitless

Guests: Laura Gassner Otting


Is the definition of success you’ve been carrying around your whole life what really makes you happy? Should we really be following our passion?In this episode, Laura Gassner Otting (@HeyLGO) talks about how our passions will beat us up and why that is such a good thing. She’ll share how we can get unstuck, fund success on our own terms, and live without limits. Life isn’t easy and it isn’t supposed to be. Our life doesn’t have a user manual and unless we can battle through the sticky parts, we’ll be living a life of ‘what if’. Tune in to this episode to hear from the incomparable LGO!

Episode Three: How to Thrive in a ‘Retailpocalypse’

Guests: Drew Green


The numbers are real, and they aren’t pretty. Retail is struggling. But INDOCHINO isn’t your regular retail store and Drew Green isn’t your typical CEO.The company has, over the last four years, increased in size over 5X, improved its profitability metrics and really become a iconic brand amongst millennials. Incredible.

What is the trick? A well-rounded leadership style. By bringing out the best in the team, amazing things will follow. Trust, belief, and empowerment are all key in allowing people to be and do their best.

With a store having opened nearly every month for the past four years, hear from Drew Green how he’s built the already iconic company that is INDOCHINO.

Episode Two: From Bookkeeper to…

Guests: Ian Crosby


In this episode, we hear from Ian Crosby as he takes us through the evolution of Bench and how he and his team have realized the success they have.

For Ian, Bench isn’t about a centrally planned system, it is an economy with different teams that interact together and have increased responsibility. Instead of departments, the company runs more like a collection of businesses.

Ian shares more about the company’s ‘default open’ principle and how everything that isn’t confidential can be shared amongst the teams to build a greater sense of trust and inclusion. My favourite part though? How Ian looks the longer-term strategy for the company. Listen in to hear how he looks at it!

Episode One: Closing the Power Gap

Guests:  Kathy Caprino


Short Description:

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally-recognized career and executive coach, writer, speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business.

Kathy is the President of Kathy Caprino LLC, a premier career coaching and executive consulting firm offering career and leadership development programs for women.

In this episode, Eric and Kathy discuss what Kathy calls a power gap. In this highly relatable conversation, you’ll hear about how to ‘find brave’, realize your potential, and learn how to get that skip in your step back.



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