Episode 63: Big Little Breakthroughs with Josh Linkner

Guest: Josh Linkner

Duration: 17:59

Never before has it been important to be an every day innovator. With the world effectively hitting a collective reset through the pandemic, now is the time fo us to use our creativity to build back better. But how do we do it?

In this episode we’re lucky to hear from Josh Linkner, the author of Big Little Breakthroughs and one of the best innovation speakers in the business as he shares actionable tips to boost creativity and innovation. From all aspects of our personal ives to wherever our career mat take us, we are all creatives. Big Little Breakthroughs helps us harness our creativity and put it to work.

Learn more about Big Little Breakthroughs Here

Episode 62: I Love it Here with Clint Pulver

Guest: Clint Pulver

Duration: 20:30

What does it take to create a workplace people love to be a part of? How can leaders create a better workplace experience for their people and how might it differ from company to company and even office to office?

In this episode we’re lucky to hear from the Undercover Millennial himself, Clint Pulver, as he shares what years of boots-on-the ground research have taught him about great leadership and building great teams.

Episode 61: Reducing Cognitive Load with Jonathon Narvey

Guest: Jonathon Narvey

Duration: 16:41

To get the attention of anyone requires the ability to stand out and make an impact as fast possible, especially if they get hundreds of pitches a day. How is it that we keep things as simple as possible while still covering our bases and get the right information across?

In this episode, we hear from CEO of Mind Meld PR, Jonathon Narvey as he shares some of the best tricks and tips out there to help command attention and land that pitch.

Episode 60: Creating a Unique Future with Keri Fraser

Guest: Keri Fraser

Duration: 15:52

We’ve learned that a ‘universal best culture’ doesn’t exist. What works at one organization might not work at another, and that’s ok. At Westland Insurance Group, a sense of ‘family’ is key to making Westland as great as it is.

In this episode, hear from Chief People Officer of Westland Insurance Group, Keri Fraser as she shares how the team makes decisions, develop their working alliance and build a deep sense of trust across the team of nearly 1600 people.

Episode 59: Raising the Bar of HR with Dipiti Salopek

Guest: Dipiti Salopek

Duration: 19:15

The past year has been a curveball in many senses of the word. The flips die, though, is that we have been at the forefront of innovation. After nearly a decade of ‘playing around the edges’ we’re all-in now building the future one day at a time. The future of work is now given to the employees and their teams to decide.

In this episode, hear from VP, People, Dipiti Salopek as she shares how she’s creating the future of work for her team at Snyk. You’ll find that experimentation, empathy, and trust are key to her decisions and the team’s journey.

Episode 58: When The World Moves Fast, Pivot Faster with Kathy Kinloch

Guest: Kathy Kinloch

Duration: 17:11

What happens when a four year strategic plan doesn’t plan for the increased pace of change of the world around us? That’s what happened with President Kathy Kinloch and her team at BCIT.

In this episode we’re lucky to hear from Kathy as she shares how the BCIT team revitalized their strategic plan halfway through. From being people focused to better prepare for the future and to build globally relevant connections, see how new goals allowed the team to be flexible and agile as they navigate the future one day at a time.

Episode 57: Building an Inclusive Customer Experience with Sabrina Meherally

Guest: Sabrina Meherally

Duration: 17:20

By now we know the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality, but are we really making as much progress as we could? Where do we start? The process doesn’t include guessing or assuming we’re being inclusive, it starts by having conversations and  making change.

In this episode, hear from the founder of Designing for Inclusion, Sabrina Meherally as she shares what an inclusive process could look like and what steps you can take today.

Episode 56: Being a Learning Developer with Jerome Rodriguez

Guest: Jerome Rodriguez

Duration: 18:43

Being a Learning developer isn’t about checkboxes and spreadsheets., it’s about transforming the human being as a process of learning. Transformation happens when we don’t just change our behaviors, we change who we are.

In this episode we hear from Best Buy’s Learning Development Manager, Jerome Rodriguez as he shares what he’s learned from benign L&D for years. You’ll learn that while the technology may not have changed much over the past few years, how we use it has . There are no tricks for transformative learning, we just have to prepare people for a world we can’t predict.

Episode 55: Writing Your career Story with Kerri Twigg

Guest: Keri Twigg

Duration: 17:51

Finding the right job can be nearly impossible and the story we share in our interview usually isn’t the right one. How is it then, that we can find what makes us awesome, build our career story and land that dream job?

In this episode, hear from Career Story Founder and author of The Career Stories Method, Kerri Twigg as she shares actionable steps, how index cards and a trip down memory lane starts us off on the path to creating our career story and finding happiness in the work we do.