Episode 22: Your Unique Value Proposition with Tim Salau

Guest: Tim Salau

Duration: 17:41

Many would say that the future of work is on the horizon. Tim (Mr. Future of Work) Salau would argue that it’s already here. What does it mean for the individual that wants a better employee experience and wants to be more fulfilled? Perhaps he answer starts within us to understand our unique value proposition so we can find that team or company that stands out for us.

In this episode, find out from Tim Salau how to find your unique value proposition so we can all live a better tomorrow, be more fulfilled in the future and happier along the way.

Episode 21: Turning Intentions Into Promises with Michel Hogan

Guest: Michel Hogan


How do we shift from thinking about “brand” as a marketing device to a result? Shouldn’t a brand be more than a logo and a tool? According to Michel Hogan, a brand is a conscious intention about how we do what we do. It doesn’t matter what we think about ourselves or what we say about ourselves, our brand is the promises we keep.

In this episode, hear from someone whose title may be ‘independent brand council’ but shows quickly what that means and how it extends to so much more than a logo and marketing.

Episode 20: Doing Good is Good for Business

Guest:  Manu Varma

Duration: 19:17


How is it that we really attract talent, tell them the right story, and do good at the same time? Shifting from skills-based recruitment to values-based recruiting has been huge in understanding what truly authentic means means for Traction on Demand and doubling down on who they are.

Two years ago, Traction on Demand had 330 employees and today they have just under 900. With offices around the world, keeping the values consistent and creating a great employees experience is key. Traction realized that people might want real estate relief, a different life to live and perhaps, a change in scenery. But all wanted a great place to work. For Traction, ‘doing good’ is that thread that keeps everyone together doing something bigger than ‘just’ their job.

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away. Hear today’s episode with Manu Varma as he shares why doing good is good for business and what doing good has done for Traction on Demand.

Episode 19: Hiring for Culture Fit with Kirsta Anderson

Guest: Kirsta Anderson

Duration: 17:11

Kirsta Anderson leads Korn Ferry’s culture transformation practice and has years of experience understanding what makes someone successful at work. She knows that change will always start with an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality and results in a zero-sum game. How is it then that we can actually change and ensure that the team is thriving?

In this episode, learn from one of the best in the business as she shares insights and information not just about the future of work, but how to excite people about change, building teams for culture fit ultimately start on the path of building one-degree shifts to create a more intentional culture.

Episode 18: Creating a Global HR Movement with Enrique Rubio

Guest: Enrique Rubio


Enrique Rubio has built a community of over 60,000 in just the past two years. Hacking HR is a global group that brings people together as a community on a global and regional level that can come together to grow, learn, and work together. How did he do it and why does it work?
In this episode, hear from Enrique as he shares the creation of Hacking HR, why it works, how it works, and why we need each other more now than ever before to build a thriving environment in the future of work.

Episode 17: Weathering the Storm and building Resiliency with Jennifer Moss

Guest:  Jennifer Moss


How do we experience a positive mindset in difficult times? How do we see the longer-term vision when it seems like we’re stuck? How do we prioritize what is most important and get out of those tricky spots? Finally, how do we build the seven traits of happiness to live more fulfilling lives?

From holding three jobs and being open to meeting the person that would ultimately get Jennifer Moss her dream job, Jennifer was always been open to new opportunities as they presented themselves. This mindset and resilience have led her to where she is now as the founder of Plasticity Labs. How does she do it?  How does she prioritize what is important and identify what should be the highest priority for her?

In this episode learn from Jennifer Moss as she shares the science of resiliency and how to get to ‘next’ faster.

Episode 16: All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker

Guests: Dr. Wayne Baker


How is it that we can get exactly what we want if people don’t know what we’re looking for? Maybe all we really have to do is ask! Being as distracted  as we are, it can be difficult to truly understand what someone is looking for and mustering the courage to ask a SMART question isn’t easy.

Dr. Wayne Baker is a Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management & Organization at the University of Michigan and Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan and Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research. He currently serves Faculty Director of the center for Positive Organizations. His teaching and research focus on social capital, social networks, generosity, positive organizational scholarship, and values. In today’s episode learn all about how to ask he right questions to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Episode 15: The New World of Work with Naomi Titleman

Guests: Naomi Titleman


What does the Future of Work really look like and how do we tackle it today? Should we even be calling it the ‘future’? Sure, we need to be looking at where we want to be in 10 years, but how do we get there? In today’s ecosystem we need to consider retirees, AI, ‘gingers’ and everyone in between.

In our first episode of 2020, hear from the founder of Collaborativity and former head of HR for American Express Canada, Namoi Titleman as she takes is through not just the new world of work, but how to get where we need to go next. Starting with a vision and bringing the sessions back today and planning what we need to be more intentional about the future is the best place to start.

Episode 14: Turning Others into Heroes with Claude Silver

Guests:  Claude Silver



What does the Modern Leader look like? How do we wake up to the world around us and be the best that we can be? Some days it works out well and others it doesn’t. But to be a leader, more so now than ever, we need to be more aware of who we are and how connected we are to power and control. The fact of the matter is that we can only control and change ourselves, and it can be difficult to get out of our own way. But how can we do it?

Hear from Claude Silver, VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer as she shares how to raise the level of consciousness and make one-degree shifts in the decisions we make and the leadership qualities we possess. We’ll find that when leadership with us and our actions, that leading by example and being an inspiration for those around us. Claude works with a team and nearly 900 and sets an incredible example for leaders around the world.

Episode 13: True innovation with Shawn Kanungo

Guests:  Shawn Kanungo



What is true innovation and how can we get the most out of our creativity and forward-thinking mindset? Many organizations practice ‘innovation theatre’ but only the true pioneers experiment, take risks, and implement ideas. But how do we do it? How do we become more innovative? Look no further than this episode of the podcast. From Zara to shoe retailers, innovation may not just live in the product or service. It can be anywhere.

In this episode, hear from Shawn Kanungo, one of the most sought after keynote speakers on innovation as he gives us a few tips and tricks as to how we can be more innovative moving forward.

To learn more about Shawn check him out at his website