Episode 41: Organizational Change and Human Centricity with Jordan Ludwig

Guest: Jordan Ludwig

Duration: 18:06

There are two things people hate:  change and the way things are. But knowing we can’t stand still and understanding that too much change can be daunting, how is it that we make an incremental change over over and over again?

In this episode, Eric chats with Jordan Ludwig, Co-Founder of Stack’d Consulting and a go-to leader when it comes to organizational change and human centricity.  Jordan shares some of the changes they’ve made in recruiting and their business and the steps they’ve taken to ensure success.

Episode 40: Humans First with Mike Vacanti

Guests: Mike Vacanti

Duration: 19:45

The new World is full of information, tools and communication streams that simply didn’t exist in the days of old. As a result the way we work and how we interact with each other has rightfully changed. Not only do we have an opportunity to put humans, Mike Vacanti shares with us why we have an obligation to do so.

On this episode, hear from the founder of Humans First about the future of work, connection, communication and truly bringing the best out of people by being our best

Episode 39: From Words to Action with Hilton Barbour

Guest: Hilton Barbour

Duration: 23:34

How do we know if a company is posting their statements because they see an opportunity or actually want to make a change? And if we are those companies, how do we make sure there is authenticity behind our message and that everyone feels heard and seen?

In this episode, I have a chat with my friend Hilton Barbour, VP of Marketing at Kognitiv and we talk about the past 100 days and what we can do to truly build a better tomorrow together.

Episode 38: To Fully Express with Tayo Rockson

Guest: Tayo Rockson

Duration: 17:56

When we can fully be ourselves without fear of being rejected, only then can we realize our full potential. How is it then that we do it? How do we ensure the places and spaces around us are safe and how do we start to spark change?

In this episode hear from author, speaker and change-maker Tayo Rockson as he shares incredible insight and perspective on what we can do to be more inclusive, diverse, and ultimately create workplaces that are rooted in belonging and psychological safety

Episode 37: The Great Reset with Dan Pontefract

Guests: Dan Pontefract

Duration: 25:43

Are we really building a ‘new normal?’ Was there ever really a normal in the first place? What we know to be true, is that normal isn’t what we should be striving for; new and improved is. As a result, perhaps this is time to reset, to unlearn and to build something new and incredible together.

In this episode, hear from the incredible Dan Pontefract as he shares three key steps we need to take to build a better tomorrow, be better leaders and ultimately reset rather than go back. Hi new book, Lead, Care, Win is out in September and if this episode is any indication of what it might read lie we’re in for an outstanding read this fall.


Episode 36: What’s Next with Stefanie Grieser

Guest: Stefanie Grieser 

Duration: 19:19

Good planning without good working is nothing. And while many of us are really good at drawing up a vision of that success is going to look like, and even building a plan to get there, working smartly and being agile is easier said than done. How is it that we can build, create, market in. post-coved world?

Stefanie Grieser is a community builder, marketer and entrepreneur. As co-creator of Shine, conference planner and top-tier marketer, Stefanie shares tangible things we can do when tomorrow seems uncertain and turbulent change has us wondering what comes next.

Episode 35: Where Culture Lives with Craig Forman

Guest:  Craig Forman

Duration: 18:36

Culture is a contract. It is always evolving, there is no finish line and we’ll never get it perfectly right. With that said though, and the office environment as we know it all but gone, where does culture really live and hound we create a great employee experience?

In this episode hear from Culture Amp’s Lead People Scientist Craig Forman as he shares his take on where culture lives, how we can continue to build and maintain great places to work as we move remote and what leaders can do to help their immediate team.

Be sure to check out Culture Amp’s Community work too! https://www.cultureamp.com/community/

Episode 34: The Future of Learning With Lauren Waldman

Guests: Lauren Waldan

Duration: 15:10

We know that learning isn’t just about memorizing and regurgitating information that allows us to pass a test or get a job. Do we really understand the brain though? The understanding of how we learn has increased significantly since the development of the first MRI in the 70’s and set us on a new course.

In this episode hear from Learning Pirate Lauren Waldman as she shares new information and research about how we learn and the steps we can take today to be better learners, absorb more information and unlock the potential of the brain.

Episode 33: How to Listen and be Heard with Alissa Carpenter

Guest: Alissa Carpenter

Duration: 19:00

We’ve all heard it countless times over the past few weeks that we’re in a time of unprecedented change. But as leaders, what do we really do about it? As leaders how do we pivot, when and how drastically?

In this episode, hear from Alissa Carpenter author of How to Listen and How to Be a Heard and owner of Everything’s Not Okay and That’s Ok as she shares key tips and tricks to be a better leader, deal with change and continue to build strong culture across our teams and organizations.

Book Link:   https://amzn.to/3b5HLlc

Episode 32: The NoW of Work with Rocky Ozaki

Guests: Rocky Ozaki


We’ve been talking about the future of work like it has been months or even years away. The truth is that not only is the future of work already here, but that the actions we take now truly shape the organization and teams we build for tomorrow. The problem is that most companies just don’t know where to start.

Enter Rocky Ozaki, the founder of NoW of Work. Rocky spends his time building agile and reselient organizations that can pivot on their annual plan every quarter, implement new technology and embrace the idea that the world is constantly changing. What do we do and how do we do it? Look no further than this episode

Episode 31: Connecting Humanity with Lorie Corcuera

Guests:  Lorie Corcuera


If there is a silver lining of the last few weeks it is that people are becoming more aware of what is most important to them and focusing on it. That is the work SPARK has been doing for years and what better tome than now to have a conversation about purpose, value and fulfillment?

Lorie Corcuera is the Head of Culture and Belonging for SPARK Creations and Company and has spent years working wit organizations to help them reflect in what is most important to them and live intentionally.

In today’s episode, learn about fulfillment, purpose and coming out of these difficult times better than before.

Episode 30: Self Leadership and Thoughtfully Scaling with Brenda Rigney

Guests:  Brenda Rigney

Duration: 18:54

Brenda Rigney is a leader’s leader and is passionate about culture, systems, and processes. She knows how to create alignment around purpose and engagement to make the company better and people happier. Ultimately this comedown to what she calls ‘thoughtfully scaling.’

In this episode hear how to be more intentional about the future we want to build while balancing everything life throws our way. What are the steps we can take today as people and leaders to be more thoughtful and build a more intentional future? Hear from Brenda and all of the successes she’s experienced through some concrete steps and actions we can take today.

Episode 29: The Community Playbook with Marta Kondryn

Guests:  Marta Kondryn


Marta Kondryn is the head of people and culture for Mindvalley based in Kuala Lumpur, where much of the top talent dreams of coming to Canada or the United States for work. To keep Top talent, Mindvalley had to make a change in what it meant to ‘work.’ They had to have a differentiator and they had to keep people.

In this episode, hear from a company exemplifying what the ‘future of work’ looks like in practice, how to build a deeper sense of community, and what it means to build a remote workplace where people can grow both personally and professionally, together. From promoting multiple careers, side hustles and flexible schedules, work becomes more a part of life than separate from it.

Episode 28: The Talent Manifesto with Dr. RJ Heckman

Guests: Dr. RJ Heckman


Not all talent is the same and not every individual in the company equally contributes to the corporate strategy. How is it then, that we better leverage talent to activate strategy and transform business? Through his experience and research we learn that there are three pillars we need to consider to properly optimize talent and create great places to work.

Dr. RJ Heckman has bought, built and sold companies before joining Korn Ferry, where he now sits as Vice Chairman. A Ph.D in Industrial Psychology, Dr. Heckman loves the numbers associated with people and performance and shares with us how to build a more people-centered business for tomorrow, today.

If you’re a thinker, love strategy, and are focused on people, there is no better episode than this to dive into.

Episode 27: What If? A Conversation About Tomorrow with Nikolas Badminton

Guests: Nikolas Badminton


As we’ve seen, the future can come pretty quickly. How is it that we can better analyze trends, research trillion-dollar companies, and better predict what tomorrow will bring? If you’re like me, you don’t. Good thing we have people like Nikolas Badminton that help us out.

In this episode hear from Nikolas as he shares his thoughts and insights on climate, the space-race and the goodness of humanity. Spoiler…he is optimistic about the future and knows that if we take his “what if…?” approach, that we can better prepare for whatever is next.

Episode 26: Finding Strengths While Working From Home

Guests:  Gareth McVicar


This new normal at home doesn’t settle in overnight. And while some of us couldn’t be happier, others are struggling to make the change. How is it then, that we can make the most out of our time at home? Perhaps it isn’t about employee engagement, maybe it’s about human engagement.

In this episode, hear from SPARK Coaching and consulting Ltd. and manager, Student Leadership Development, at the University of Calgary, Gareth McVicar as he shares some tips and tricks to make the most out of our time at home.

Episode 25: Bigger Than Our Title with Kelley Steven-Waiss

Guests: Kelley Steven-Waiss

Duration: 18:44

There is no business as usual anymore. With unpredicted changes in the workplace due to the virus, how can we make the most out of our time working remotely and managing our teams? It starts with building our Inside Gig.

In this episode, hear from Kelley Steven-Waiss, EVP and CHRO at HERE Technologies as she shares key tips and actions to attract the right people, allow them to reach their full potential and help us take our companies and teams even further.

Twitter Handke:  @KStevenWaiss

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelleystevenwaiss/

Episode 24: Leading Under Pressure with Jamie Mason Cohen

Guests: Jamie Mason Cohen

Duration: 21:01

The World around is at a break-neck pace. Performing under pressure and in times of uncertainty isn’t just a nice-t0-have, its is a necessity. What can we do to be better leaders and work through high-pressure situations? Jamie Mason Cohen says it starts with better listening, personal awareness and social awareness.

Hear from former SNL’er Jamie Mason Cohen and keynote speaker as he shares key takeaways and actions we can all implement right away. As Lorne Michales said, ‘the show isn’t ready because it’s finished, it is ready because it is 11:30 on a Saturday night.’

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Episode 23: Soft Skills and the Future of Work

Guests: Laura Sukorokoff


What int he world are soft skills? How do we develop them and how can they help us build a better team and career? Contrary to being called ‘soft,’ soft skills are incredibly important and can be a differentiator to help us get to where we’re going next.

Laura Sukorokoff has been teaching soft skills for longer than it has ‘cool’ to talk about. Laura knows that soft skills aren’t about turning a screw or building a program, it is about bringing the best of ourselves to the forefront, and in turn, bringing out the best of others. From empathy to attention, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Episode 22: Your Unique Value Proposition with Tim Salau

Guest: Tim Salau

Duration: 17:41

Many would say that the future of work is on the horizon. Tim (Mr. Future of Work) Salau would argue that it’s already here. What does it mean for the individual that wants a better employee experience and wants to be more fulfilled? Perhaps he answer starts within us to understand our unique value proposition so we can find that team or company that stands out for us.

In this episode, find out from Tim Salau how to find your unique value proposition so we can all live a better tomorrow, be more fulfilled in the future and happier along the way.

Episode 21: Turning Intentions Into Promises with Michel Hogan

Guest: Michel Hogan


How do we shift from thinking about “brand” as a marketing device to a result? Shouldn’t a brand be more than a logo and a tool? According to Michel Hogan, a brand is a conscious intention about how we do what we do. It doesn’t matter what we think about ourselves or what we say about ourselves, our brand is the promises we keep.

In this episode, hear from someone whose title may be ‘independent brand council’ but shows quickly what that means and how it extends to so much more than a logo and marketing.

Episode 20: Doing Good is Good for Business

Guest:  Manu Varma

Duration: 19:17


How is it that we really attract talent, tell them the right story, and do good at the same time? Shifting from skills-based recruitment to values-based recruiting has been huge in understanding what truly authentic means means for Traction on Demand and doubling down on who they are.

Two years ago, Traction on Demand had 330 employees and today they have just under 900. With offices around the world, keeping the values consistent and creating a great employees experience is key. Traction realized that people might want real estate relief, a different life to live and perhaps, a change in scenery. But all wanted a great place to work. For Traction, ‘doing good’ is that thread that keeps everyone together doing something bigger than ‘just’ their job.

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away. Hear today’s episode with Manu Varma as he shares why doing good is good for business and what doing good has done for Traction on Demand.

Episode 19: Hiring for Culture Fit with Kirsta Anderson

Guest: Kirsta Anderson

Duration: 17:11

Kirsta Anderson leads Korn Ferry’s culture transformation practice and has years of experience understanding what makes someone successful at work. She knows that change will always start with an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality and results in a zero-sum game. How is it then that we can actually change and ensure that the team is thriving?

In this episode, learn from one of the best in the business as she shares insights and information not just about the future of work, but how to excite people about change, building teams for culture fit ultimately start on the path of building one-degree shifts to create a more intentional culture.

Episode 18: Creating a Global HR Movement with Enrique Rubio

Guest: Enrique Rubio


Enrique Rubio has built a community of over 60,000 in just the past two years. Hacking HR is a global group that brings people together as a community on a global and regional level that can come together to grow, learn, and work together. How did he do it and why does it work?
In this episode, hear from Enrique as he shares the creation of Hacking HR, why it works, how it works, and why we need each other more now than ever before to build a thriving environment in the future of work.

Episode 17: Weathering the Storm and building Resiliency with Jennifer Moss

Guest:  Jennifer Moss


How do we experience a positive mindset in difficult times? How do we see the longer-term vision when it seems like we’re stuck? How do we prioritize what is most important and get out of those tricky spots? Finally, how do we build the seven traits of happiness to live more fulfilling lives?

From holding three jobs and being open to meeting the person that would ultimately get Jennifer Moss her dream job, Jennifer was always been open to new opportunities as they presented themselves. This mindset and resilience have led her to where she is now as the founder of Plasticity Labs. How does she do it?  How does she prioritize what is important and identify what should be the highest priority for her?

In this episode learn from Jennifer Moss as she shares the science of resiliency and how to get to ‘next’ faster.

Episode 16: All You Have to Do is Ask with Dr. Wayne Baker

Guests: Dr. Wayne Baker


How is it that we can get exactly what we want if people don’t know what we’re looking for? Maybe all we really have to do is ask! Being as distracted  as we are, it can be difficult to truly understand what someone is looking for and mustering the courage to ask a SMART question isn’t easy.

Dr. Wayne Baker is a Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management & Organization at the University of Michigan and Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan and Faculty Associate at the Institute for Social Research. He currently serves Faculty Director of the center for Positive Organizations. His teaching and research focus on social capital, social networks, generosity, positive organizational scholarship, and values. In today’s episode learn all about how to ask he right questions to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Episode 15: The New World of Work with Naomi Titleman

Guests: Naomi Titleman


What does the Future of Work really look like and how do we tackle it today? Should we even be calling it the ‘future’? Sure, we need to be looking at where we want to be in 10 years, but how do we get there? In today’s ecosystem we need to consider retirees, AI, ‘gingers’ and everyone in between.

In our first episode of 2020, hear from the founder of Collaborativity and former head of HR for American Express Canada, Namoi Titleman as she takes is through not just the new world of work, but how to get where we need to go next. Starting with a vision and bringing the sessions back today and planning what we need to be more intentional about the future is the best place to start.

Episode 14: Turning Others into Heroes with Claude Silver

Guests:  Claude Silver



What does the Modern Leader look like? How do we wake up to the world around us and be the best that we can be? Some days it works out well and others it doesn’t. But to be a leader, more so now than ever, we need to be more aware of who we are and how connected we are to power and control. The fact of the matter is that we can only control and change ourselves, and it can be difficult to get out of our own way. But how can we do it?

Hear from Claude Silver, VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer as she shares how to raise the level of consciousness and make one-degree shifts in the decisions we make and the leadership qualities we possess. We’ll find that when leadership with us and our actions, that leading by example and being an inspiration for those around us. Claude works with a team and nearly 900 and sets an incredible example for leaders around the world.

Episode 13: True innovation with Shawn Kanungo

Guests:  Shawn Kanungo



What is true innovation and how can we get the most out of our creativity and forward-thinking mindset? Many organizations practice ‘innovation theatre’ but only the true pioneers experiment, take risks, and implement ideas. But how do we do it? How do we become more innovative? Look no further than this episode of the podcast. From Zara to shoe retailers, innovation may not just live in the product or service. It can be anywhere.

In this episode, hear from Shawn Kanungo, one of the most sought after keynote speakers on innovation as he gives us a few tips and tricks as to how we can be more innovative moving forward.

To learn more about Shawn check him out at his website

Episode 12: Big Data and the Future of Marketing with Charlie Grinnell

Guests: Charlie Grinnell



How do we reach a bigger audience? What questions should we be asking to ensure we’re using the right information to reach to reach the right information to reach the right people? With the world being noisier than it ever has been before and when we are creating more information than ever imaginable, standing out is increasingly difficult.

Charlie Grinnell is the founder of RightMetric, a company working with Fortune 500 Companies around the world to help them use big data to reach a more specific and bigger audience. In this episode, hear from one of the best in the business about the future of marketing and the one degree changes we can make today to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns and voices online.

Episode 11: Closing the Gender Gap with Ainsley Roberts

Guests: Ainsley Roberts



How do we measure diversity on our team? How do we ensure that our team is high-performing? How can we double the percentage of women in our workplace in less than a year? Perhaps the first question we need to ask is ‘what were we missing? Back in 2017, Clio saw that only 13 percent of the engineering team were women and the goal was to double that number. How did they do it?

In this episode, learn from Ainsley Robertson as she shares firsthand insights and information as she walks us through how she and her team built (and continue to build) a world-class, diverse and inclusive team. Spoiler:  quotas (yes quotas) may be part of the answer.

The link to Ainsley’s article can be found here

Episode 10: The Modern Job Search with Austin Belcak

Guests: Austin Belcak 




From Microsoft to the Entrepreneur’s desk, Austin Belcak teaches people how to job search effectively. Times are changing but the way we apply for jobs isn’t changing fast enough. Sure, there are tracking systems, but how does a candidate really know what they’re signing up for?


The process to find the right job isn’t easy. We feel like we need to have every step mapped out. The problem with this is there are inevitable hiccups and pivots that happen along the way. Austin unpacks what we can do when we live in an uncertain process and hit a speed bump along the way.

In this episode you’ll hear tips and tricks from an incredible leader in job search. No longer will the standalone resume suffice. We have to bring more to the table. If you’re looking for ‘next,’ want to be engaged at work, want to feel a sense of purpose and impact, have a listen here.

Episode Nine: A Creative Toolkit with Duncan Wardle

Guests:  Duncan Wardle



We’re all creative. The ‘creatives’ aren’t more creative than we are. As we grow and become more focused on our role, we tend to believe that we aren’t creative anymore. How do we innovate now? How do we make creativity fun? Duncan Wardle knows how.

The former Head of Innovation and Creativity for Disney Duncan Wardle is one of the world’s most highly regarded innovation speakers and innovation consultants teaching companies, brands and individuals across the globe to overcome their own expertise and get out of their own way. He has learned from the best of the best (and then taught them) how to get out of their ‘river of thought’ to build and create new behaviors that allow us to be creative again.

Without a doubt creativity isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. In this episode, hear some immediate tips and tricks that you can use and not just survive, but thrive.

Episode Eight: The Modern Marine. Preparing for the Next Generation

Guests:  Bart Reynolds



With the world moving as fast as it is today, how is it that Seaspan isn’t just keeping up, but staying ahead of the curve? Is it big 50 year plans that it is putting in place today or is it smaller, one degree shifts that Bart Reynolds and his team are making? The answer may surprise you.

In this episode, learn how Seaspan and is utilizing new technology to build the Tug Master of the future plan for new sources and guide Seaspan to success in the short, medium and long term

Episode Seven: Balance Time Like a High Performing CEO

Guests: Swish Goswami



From speaking all over the world to from building a global company that is preparing for a series A round, writing a book to ensuring health and wellness is to of mind isn’t easy. Swish Goswami is in this storm that is a busy life like many of us are; he has 120 emails in his inbox, meetings he has to prepare for, and 13 people on his team that need his time and attention. How does he balance? Prioritization, being an early riser and trusting his team to get the job done.

From calling mom, to getting a good workout and setting a priority to be something that can be done this week and not ‘raising a million dollars’ Swish focuses on the little things in life that allow the weight to disappear from his shoulders and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

In this takeaway-packed episode, you’ll hear specific actions to feel more accomplished, set better goals, build trust and truly tackle that overwhelming to-do-list.

Episode Six: The Evolution of Organizational Change with Krystal Ho

Guests:  Kyrstal Ho


When companies like iQmetrix experience rapid growth, roles and accountabilities changed (and continue to change.) In the company’s 20-year history, the traditional org chart didn’t serve iQmetrix well and there was a lack of ownership and accountability that was being done. The solution? Holocracy, or self-management. No more titles, just roles and responsibilities.

In this episode of The One Degree Shift podcast, learn from Krystal Ho how she and her team build a new operating system for the company of the future. It hasn’t all been easy, but with enough little changes and ensuring the team doesn’t experience change fatigue, it truly can work.

Were you as curious as I was? Listen here for more.

Episode Five: The Mindset of a Wrestler

Guests: Chelsea Green


What do those climbing the corporate ladder have in common with someone climbing into the ring? More than you’d think. Mindset. Resilience. Determination. The ability to set and execute goals and pure grit.

Chelsea Green has been working her way up the ranks in professional wrestling for years. In this episode you’re going to learn the little shifts we make can set ourselves up for success and thrive in the face of adversity.

Episode Four: Limitless with Laura Gassner Otting

Guests:  Laura Gassner Otting


Is the definition of success you’ve been carrying around your whole life what really makes you happy? Should we really follow our passion?

In this episode, Laura Gassner Otting (@HeyLGO) talks about how our passion will beat us up and why that is such a good thing. She’ll share how we can get unstuck, find success on our own terms, and live without limits. Life isn’t easy and it isn’t supposed to be. Our life doesn’t have a user manual and unless we can battle through the sticky parts, we’ll be living a life of “what if.” Tune in to this episode to hear from the incomparable LGO.

Episode Three: How to Thrive in a ‘Retailpocalypse’

Guests: Drew Green


The numbers are real, and they aren’t pretty. Retail is struggling. But INDOCHINO isn’t your regular retail store and Drew Green isn’t your typical CEO.The company has, over the last four years, increased in size over 5X, improved its profitability metrics and really become a iconic brand amongst millennials. Incredible.

What is the trick? A well-rounded leadership style. By bringing out the best in the team, amazing things will follow. Trust, belief, and empowerment are all key in allowing people to be and do their best.

With a store having opened nearly every month for the past four years, hear from Drew Green how he’s built the already iconic company that is INDOCHINO.

Episode Two: From Bookkeeper to…

Guests: Ian Crosby


In this episode, we hear from Ian Crosby as he takes us through the evolution of Bench and how he and his team have realized the success they have.

For Ian, Bench isn’t about a centrally planned system, it is an economy with different teams that interact together and have increased responsibility. Instead of departments, the company runs more like a collection of businesses.

Ian shares more about the company’s ‘default open’ principle and how everything that isn’t confidential can be shared amongst the teams to build a greater sense of trust and inclusion. My favourite part though? How Ian looks the longer-term strategy for the company. Listen in to hear how he looks at it!

Episode One: Closing the Power Gap

Guests:  Kathy Caprino


Short Description:

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally-recognized career and executive coach, writer, speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business.

Kathy is the President of Kathy Caprino LLC, a premier career coaching and executive consulting firm offering career and leadership development programs for women.

In this episode, Eric and Kathy discuss what Kathy calls a power gap. In this highly relatable conversation, you’ll hear about how to ‘find brave’, realize your potential, and learn how to get that skip in your step back.