Episode 36: What’s Next with Stefanie Grieser

Guest: Stefanie Grieser 

Duration: 19:19

Good planning without good working is nothing. And while many of us are really good at drawing up a vision of that success is going to look like, and even building a plan to get there, working smartly and being agile is easier said than done. How is it that we can build, create, market in. post-coved world?

Stefanie Grieser is a community builder, marketer and entrepreneur. As co-creator of Shine, conference planner and top-tier marketer, Stefanie shares tangible things we can do when tomorrow seems uncertain and turbulent change has us wondering what comes next.

Episode 35: Where Culture Lives with Craig Forman

Guest:  Craig Forman

Duration: 18:36

Culture is a contract. It is always evolving, there is no finish line and we’ll never get it perfectly right. With that said though, and the office environment as we know it all but gone, where does culture really live and hound we create a great employee experience?

In this episode hear from Culture Amp’s Lead People Scientist Craig Forman as he shares his take on where culture lives, how we can continue to build and maintain great places to work as we move remote and what leaders can do to help their immediate team.

Be sure to check out Culture Amp’s Community work too! https://www.cultureamp.com/community/

Episode 34: The Future of Learning With Lauren Waldman

Guests: Lauren Waldan

Duration: 15:10

We know that learning isn’t just about memorizing and regurgitating information that allows us to pass a test or get a job. Do we really understand the brain though? The understanding of how we learn has increased significantly since the development of the first MRI in the 70’s and set us on a new course.

In this episode hear from Learning Pirate Lauren Waldman as she shares new information and research about how we learn and the steps we can take today to be better learners, absorb more information and unlock the potential of the brain.

Episode 33: How to Listen and be Heard with Alissa Carpenter

Guest: Alissa Carpenter

Duration: 19:00

We’ve all heard it countless times over the past few weeks that we’re in a time of unprecedented change. But as leaders, what do we really do about it? As leaders how do we pivot, when and how drastically?

In this episode, hear from Alissa Carpenter author of How to Listen and How to Be a Heard and owner of Everything’s Not Okay and That’s Ok as she shares key tips and tricks to be a better leader, deal with change and continue to build strong culture across our teams and organizations.

Book Link:   https://amzn.to/3b5HLlc

Episode 32: The NoW of Work with Rocky Ozaki

Guests: Rocky Ozaki


We’ve been talking about the future of work like it has been months or even years away. The truth is that not only is the future of work already here, but that the actions we take now truly shape the organization and teams we build for tomorrow. The problem is that most companies just don’t know where to start.

Enter Rocky Ozaki, the founder of NoW of Work. Rocky spends his time building agile and reselient organizations that can pivot on their annual plan every quarter, implement new technology and embrace the idea that the world is constantly changing. What do we do and how do we do it? Look no further than this episode

Episode 31: Connecting Humanity with Lorie Corcuera

Guests:  Lorie Corcuera


If there is a silver lining of the last few weeks it is that people are becoming more aware of what is most important to them and focusing on it. That is the work SPARK has been doing for years and what better tome than now to have a conversation about purpose, value and fulfillment?

Lorie Corcuera is the Head of Culture and Belonging for SPARK Creations and Company and has spent years working wit organizations to help them reflect in what is most important to them and live intentionally.

In today’s episode, learn about fulfillment, purpose and coming out of these difficult times better than before.

Episode 30: Self Leadership and Thoughtfully Scaling with Brenda Rigney

Guests:  Brenda Rigney

Duration: 18:54

Brenda Rigney is a leader’s leader and is passionate about culture, systems, and processes. She knows how to create alignment around purpose and engagement to make the company better and people happier. Ultimately this comedown to what she calls ‘thoughtfully scaling.’

In this episode hear how to be more intentional about the future we want to build while balancing everything life throws our way. What are the steps we can take today as people and leaders to be more thoughtful and build a more intentional future? Hear from Brenda and all of the successes she’s experienced through some concrete steps and actions we can take today.

Episode 29: The Community Playbook with Marta Kondryn

Guests:  Marta Kondryn


Marta Kondryn is the head of people and culture for Mindvalley based in Kuala Lumpur, where much of the top talent dreams of coming to Canada or the United States for work. To keep Top talent, Mindvalley had to make a change in what it meant to ‘work.’ They had to have a differentiator and they had to keep people.

In this episode, hear from a company exemplifying what the ‘future of work’ looks like in practice, how to build a deeper sense of community, and what it means to build a remote workplace where people can grow both personally and professionally, together. From promoting multiple careers, side hustles and flexible schedules, work becomes more a part of life than separate from it.

Episode 28: The Talent Manifesto with Dr. RJ Heckman

Guests: Dr. RJ Heckman


Not all talent is the same and not every individual in the company equally contributes to the corporate strategy. How is it then, that we better leverage talent to activate strategy and transform business? Through his experience and research we learn that there are three pillars we need to consider to properly optimize talent and create great places to work.

Dr. RJ Heckman has bought, built and sold companies before joining Korn Ferry, where he now sits as Vice Chairman. A Ph.D in Industrial Psychology, Dr. Heckman loves the numbers associated with people and performance and shares with us how to build a more people-centered business for tomorrow, today.

If you’re a thinker, love strategy, and are focused on people, there is no better episode than this to dive into.

Episode 27: What If? A Conversation About Tomorrow with Nikolas Badminton

Guests: Nikolas Badminton


As we’ve seen, the future can come pretty quickly. How is it that we can better analyze trends, research trillion-dollar companies, and better predict what tomorrow will bring? If you’re like me, you don’t. Good thing we have people like Nikolas Badminton that help us out.

In this episode hear from Nikolas as he shares his thoughts and insights on climate, the space-race and the goodness of humanity. Spoiler…he is optimistic about the future and knows that if we take his “what if…?” approach, that we can better prepare for whatever is next.