Employee Engagement

Boosting Employee Engagement for a Healthier Workplace

Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker

Eric Termuende is an industry-leading resource in building and boosting employee engagement. Eric is a keynote speaker who speaks around the globe, helping organizations to create communities of trust and belonging and build the most foundational part of their companies: their people.

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Employee Engagement

Employee Experience Leads to Employee Engagement

Before becoming a keynote speaker, Eric Termuende built Gen Y Inc., a human capital consultancy focused on creating thriving and engaging organizations. At Gen Y, Eric and his team worked with organizations across North America using their Cultural Diagnostic Tool to understand what it was that made team members engaged and happy at work. What they found might surprise you: they learned that “engagement” isn’t what you fix, engagement is what happens when the employee experience isn’t optimized.

Workplace Culture is More Important Than Ever

The world of work today is busier and more complex than ever before. If we want more engaged teams, it is crucial to provide them with an environment that fosters positive mental well-being, where they feel they belong, can trust one another and are making a difference.

Creating Better Communities for More Engagement

Eric is a keynote speaker who provides actionable insights and delivers them with humor and concrete stories that allow teams and companies to come together to function like community. Once this is achieved, employee engagement is soon to follow.


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“Top 4 personal finance and economic books of 2016.”

Financial Post

“We should listen to a 24-year-old who wants to disrupt the way we think about work.”

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“While Termuende is carving his path, he knows that his route to happiness might be much different than someone else’s.”


“Eric’s book offered a fresh perspective that indeed, we can all find happiness through the work we do.”


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“We need to rethink the way we work.”


“Eric is quietly changing the HR game.”

Huffington Post

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“Eric did an excellent job of helping us understand and connect the links between strategy and culture”
“I have worked with hundreds of speakers and he is definitely on the top of my list as the best.”
“… perfectly tailored to the audience. A master storyteller, he captivated the group with humor and human insight…”
Club Med


Eric speaks with exceptional leaders to provide listeners with insights into effective leadership.