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50 Things I’ve Learned In The Past Month

The last month has brought more change than I expected the next five years to. With change comes uncertainty and with uncertainty comes an opportunity to fail, pivot, experiment, and grow.

The 50 lessons below aren’t specific as my hopes are that you’ll be able to relate with each from events that have happened to you over the past month and apply them however they best fit.

  1. Change is slow until it isn’t
  2. Lessons are learned in reflection of what happened, not as they happen
  3. Too much time takes time to get used to
  4. Stress manifests in different ways
  5. Sunlight matters
  6. The clock means less than it did
  7. Creativity takes practice and intention
  8. I can’t predict tomorrow, let alone the future
  9. Touch is undervalued
  10. Variety is the spice of life
  11. Busy for the sake of busy is still busy and sometimes being busy is all I need
  12. There seems to be a direct correlation between the care put into food and how it tastes
  13. Essential services and the people working them have been underappreciated
  14. The basics may be basic, but they’re the foundation of our lives and shouldn’t be taken for granted
  15. Feeling like I matter at work or working weighs more on me than I realized
  16. Gratitude should be practiced more often
  17. Worry only about what is in our control
  18. Check in with people, often, but don’t ask for their time
  19. Give first, ask second (or not at all)
  20. Movement matters
  21. Cookbooks are better than the internet. Finite > endless
  22. Yesterday’s structure and plan might not work today
  23. Plans work until they don’t
  24. Its tough to get answers to questions that aren’t asked
  25. Mentorship comes in many, many forms
  26. In a race to the bottom, nobody wins
  27. Content for the sake of content is just noise. Occasionally it’ll sound good but I don’t bank on it
  28. Healthy > productive
  29. Family, family, family
  30. While we all need love, we also need space. Sometimes space is love
  31. Friendship is a two-way street
  32. We’re in this together and whether we like it or not, always have been and will be
  33. Work isn’t the first priority
  34. Virtual meetings are better than phone is better than text but the fatigue rate is higher the more senses used
  35. Read/listen to multiple sources to get the full story
  36. Too much news is too much
  37. A clean living space makes for a clear mind
  38. Make your bed every morning
  39. Listen first, second, third, talk fourth
  40. Reduce friction points and refine goals
  41. Physical and social distance are not the same
  42. Smiling is contagious and always helps
  43. Its good to have quick wins and accomplish tasks, but working on a big project is good, too
  44. Curate social media feeds so they serve and build. Don’t be afraid to block or unfollow
  45. Don’t pretend to know what you don’t
  46. Over communicating should be the new normal communicating
  47. All storms eventually pass
  48. Resetting doesn’t have to mean starting over
  49. Support businesses you care most about
  50. Our best is the best we can do

What have you learned? I’d love to hear! Share these lessons and add any you might have learned along the way.