Episode 20: Doing Good is Good for Business

Guest:  Manu Varma

Duration: 19:17


How is it that we really attract talent, tell them the right story, and do good at the same time? Shifting from skills-based recruitment to values-based recruiting has been huge in understanding what truly authentic means means for Traction on Demand and doubling down on who they are.

Two years ago, Traction on Demand had 330 employees and today they have just under 900. With offices around the world, keeping the values consistent and creating a great employees experience is key. Traction realized that people might want real estate relief, a different life to live and perhaps, a change in scenery. But all wanted a great place to work. For Traction, ‘doing good’ is that thread that keeps everyone together doing something bigger than ‘just’ their job.

The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose is to give it away. Hear today’s episode with Manu Varma as he shares why doing good is good for business and what doing good has done for Traction on Demand.