Episode 17: Weathering the Storm and building Resiliency with Jennifer Moss

Guest:  Jennifer Moss


How do we experience a positive mindset in difficult times? How do we see the longer-term vision when it seems like we’re stuck? How do we prioritize what is most important and get out of those tricky spots? Finally, how do we build the seven traits of happiness to live more fulfilling lives?

From holding three jobs and being open to meeting the person that would ultimately get Jennifer Moss her dream job, Jennifer was always been open to new opportunities as they presented themselves. This mindset and resilience have led her to where she is now as the founder of Plasticity Labs. How does she do it?  How does she prioritize what is important and identify what should be the highest priority for her?

In this episode learn from Jennifer Moss as she shares the science of resiliency and how to get to ‘next’ faster.