Episode 10: The Modern Job Search with Austin Belcak

Guests: Austin BelcakĀ 




From Microsoft to the Entrepreneur’s desk, Austin Belcak teaches people how to job search effectively. Times are changing but the way we apply for jobs isn’t changing fast enough. Sure, there are tracking systems, but how does a candidate really know what they’re signing up for?


The process to find the right job isn’t easy. We feel like we need to have every step mapped out. The problem with this is there are inevitable hiccups and pivots that happen along the way. Austin unpacks what we can do when we live in an uncertain process and hit a speed bump along the way.

In this episode you’ll hear tips and tricks from an incredible leader in job search. No longer will the standalone resume suffice. We have to bring more to the table. If you’re looking for ‘next,’ want to be engaged at work, want to feel a sense of purpose and impact, have a listen here.