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Home » Episode 7: Balance Time Like a High Performing CEO

Episode 7: Balance Time Like a High Performing CEO

Guests: Swish Goswami


From speaking all over the world to from building a global company that is preparing for a series A round, writing a book to ensuring health and wellness is to of mind isn’t easy. Swish Goswami is in this storm that is a busy life like many of us are; he has 120 emails in his inbox, meetings he has to prepare for, and 13 people on his team that need his time and attention. How does he balance? Prioritization, being an early riser and trusting his team to get the job done.

From calling mom, to getting a good workout and setting a priority to be something that can be done this week and not ‘raising a million dollars’ Swish focuses on the little things in life that allow the weight to disappear from his shoulders and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

In this takeaway-packed episode, you’ll hear specific actions to feel more accomplished, set better goals, build trust and truly tackle that overwhelming to-do-list.