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Home » Episode 3: How to Thrive in a ‘Retailpocalypse’

Episode 3: How to Thrive in a ‘Retailpocalypse’

Guests: Drew Green


The numbers are real, and they aren’t pretty. Retail is struggling. But INDOCHINO isn’t your regular retail store and Drew Green isn’t your typical CEO.The company has, over the last four years, increased in size over 5X, improved its profitability metrics and really become a iconic brand amongst millennials. Incredible.

What is the trick? A well-rounded leadership style. By bringing out the best in the team, amazing things will follow. Trust, belief, and empowerment are all key in allowing people to be and do their best.

With a store having opened nearly every month for the past four years, hear from Drew Green how he’s built the already iconic company that is INDOCHINO.