Millennials, Don’t Make This Mistake When Applying For A Job

Millennials, Don’t Make This Mistake When Applying For A Job

When I was 19 I had my first and only 9-5 job. Despite being in college I convinced this sales recruiter to hire me on during the summer on a 60k a year starting salary, earning myself as their youngest employee.

Each morning I would get up in my business dress and drive an hour in traffic each way, only to sit at my desk for eight hours amongst people that were at least ten years older than me. Needless to say I quit after two weeks and didn’t even see my first paycheck. You couldn’t have paid me enough to stay.

At the time I didn’t know I was making the #1 mistake that most millennials today are making when entering the workforce.

Eric Termuende Forbes

It’s 2017, and millions of millennials are embarking upon their first, second, or even third job. Job hopping has become the new normal, with the average worker switching jobs four times before age 32.

So what gives? Why are so many of us fed up with our jobs and unable to find the right fit?

One man who’s revolutionizing the way approach work and relate to our jobs may have the answer.

Meet Eric Termuende, the cofounder of NoW Innovations and Lead Content Strategist for True Calling Canada. He’s also an international speaker and the author of the book Rethink Work, named one of the best personal finance and economic books of 2016 by Financial Post.

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