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Bigger than Work

It is a dream of mine that when we talk about people, we view them as human beings, not human doings

In my new TEDx talk, ‘Bigger than Work‘, I’m raising awareness about the integration and dependency of technology and how it is dehumanizing and fragmenting the workplace.

To add insult to injury, the gross generalization of generations (ie. all Millennials being narcissistic, job hopping basement dwellers) encourages a communication and age gap that prevents people of any generation to be appreciated for who they are.

As the talk progresses, I talk about the rise of yoga, crossfit, and other physical activities that bring people together in the absence of technology. Because of this shared experience, people are able to communicate in a more meaningful way and actually connect in a world that claims to be more connected, but isn’t really connecting.

Finally, I’m calling for the redefinition of success and the need to appreciate different style of life for the emotion and the satisfaction of the people living them.

My hope is that this talk changes the way we talk about work, how we find it, and what it means to be successful.

If you’re interested, see more about my speaking here, and the work I am doing here.

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